Ara Panjang Hot Spring The Hidden Jewel in Kuala kangsar.

Hmmm how should I begin this entry? Now I'm doing my internship at Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council under Public Relations and Corporate Unit. I will share my experience doing internship next time but now I want share about Ara Panjang Hot Spring. Well I've been live here for 23 years but never know the existence of this place. Well until I'm doing my internship here (sigh). But sadly the place is poorly maintained and I don't know who fault it is. A beautiful hot spring surrounded by a lavish green trees and breath taking scenery. Of course for those who love nature and quite place. 

Due to poor maintenance this is how Ara Panjang Hot Spring kind of look like before the massive cleaning. Such a shame because this place is really beautiful.

Source : Google.

Okay... Ara Panjang Hot Spring is located in Manong which is 20 to 30 minutes drive from Kuala Kangsar. But you need to be extra careful since you don't want to miss the junction. Definitely Ara Panjang Hot Spring situated inside the village and totally hidden from the main road. But the hot spring is really a hidden jewel of Kuala Kangsar even though it is far from the town. I knew about this place while I was searching about Kuala Kangsar Tourist Attractions. And there were few blogs about Kuala Kangsar Tourism that mentioned about this place. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad reviews about this place. One of the reviews said that this place was poorly maintained and got wasted. Ara Panjang Hot Spring isn't a man-made hot spring but a natural hot spring. 

And 2 days ago, I got a chance to go there and first impression... this place has a lot of potentials for Kuala Kangsar Tourism. And now collaboration with Cure and Care Rehabilitation Centre (CCRC) Perlop and with the government agencies they did a great job doing a massive cleaning to this place with the help of the head of villagers. After the massive cleaning I would say that the place is really beautiful.

This is how Ara Panjang Hot Spring look after the massive cleaning. I told ya it's really beautiful but without properly maintain of course it's look like a scary place for humans.

Source: It's from my phone!!! 

And CCRC crews, Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council, other government agencies that were there and the villagers did a very fantastic work on cleaning this beautiful place. Thank you very much everyone! It's kind of makeover to the place. From scary and ugly to beautiful and tranquil place. Definitely fall in love with this place. And I'm hoping this place is going to be develop by the Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council and also hoping to be one of the Kuala Kangsar tourist attractions in the future!

Those who were involved in the massive cleaning of Ara Panjang Hot Spring!

It's just dry leaves that's all...

And some tree branches that need to be cut!

And I'm just posing for the picture??? 

It's not a scary place just need to clean up that's all. I would love to here after this! 

This abandon bridge look amazing in this picture. I love it. I'm not a professional photographer. 


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